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What are the online basics?

A Domain Name, Professional E-mail, and a website with the latest SEO Standards are necessary for economic stability and being adaptive to big business trends and customer visibility since the Pandemic.

New social media sharing tags should be on every website. Are they on yours? How does your website look on mobile compared to desktop? Is text easy to read? Have you implemented analytics to every page of your site? Are you testing your site to make sure everything works?

10/20/30 years ago, singles, couples and families used to go out to eat, walk malls, walk main streets, explore businesses in the area. Now, they're looking at their screens. Their eyes are not looking at malls and shops. They're ordering on their phones, they're ordering GrubHub and DoorDash, Amazon and WalMart. They're entertaining themselves in the comfort of their homes. Your customers, instead of walking in your store, they're looking things up on Google, YouTube. Reading Reddit, Quora. Lurking on Facebook, Twitter. Watching on Instagram, TikTok. TLDR; Get lots of eyes looking at your posts.

Offering Any Product Or Service For Sale Online Can Make You Money In Your Sleep That does not mean you can sleep TO make money! You have to put in the work. You have to do everything you're doing now for your business, plus things you might not feel like doing, but that effort is going to come a long way. It's not easy, but consistent effort put forth daily will expand your reach and keep your name and company name in people's minds. Be sure to promote your website, have your current customers follow you on social media. Connect with other small business owners and think of new ways of expanding your reach. Add-on to your website. You can have links to affiliate products, send out notifications via text, email, posts on social media. Choose a platform to sell on so that you can accept payments. You could text a link to an invoice or have it so automatic payments are made. TLDR; Once you sell online you are set up to receive money at any time.

Website Issues

YES! I offer all types of support, from phone and e-mail to chat and in-person (~ Hanover/Quincy/Boston, MA). Rates are customised to each business.

Task timing can vary on workload, experience, and customization (branding).

Now ~ 12 Hours for any active customer response.
Now ~ 24 Hours for any prospective customer inquiry.
24-48 Hours for research and development.
24-48 Hours to purchase a domain.
24-36 Hours for other small requests (hosting, email, site changes).
24-72 Hours 1 page scaffolding.
1 Month small business online setup.
2-4 Months for an app on Code Canyon.
3 Months e-commerce platform setup and maintenance lessons.
6mo - 1yr app development

Prices Vary. Simple, one-page sites can go for $99/year with hosting, domain and email included. Depending on the size of your business or product offerings, setting up other manageable solutions are possible and depend on the number of products that are available for sale. A small business setup with up to 5 products or services can cost on average $250 for the year. Costs can go up from there depending on needs and funds available.
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